Why I am starting this journey- I had ENOUGH!!

Here we are, If you are reading this you are probably interested in hearing what I have to say…

Weight loss is probably the BIGGEST problem for most woman, why??

Have you seen the bodies thats all over the media, thats what we must look like, right? Wrong!! Shouldn’t whats inside you be more important? Unfortunately, the world makes us believe that you have to look a certain way to be classified as ‘pretty’ or, ‘hot’…

I started this journey to prove that you can loose weight without having all the extra tools like, a personal trainer, money for food that you can only buy at shops I’ve never been into…(have you seen the foods they make on TV/magazines?) No normal person, in my opinion thats got a job have money to buy or TIME to prepare those luxurious foods. Make no mistake, I would love to be able to eat like that, but in this busy world, I just can’t.

I am doing this the normal way. Everyday foods, home excersices. Nothing but myself, my skipping rope and my few year old tekkies.

I BELIEVE anyone can look beautiful and hot if they put their minds to it. I am giving myself a year, I am going to train myself to be strong mentally and physically. I am GOING to be ‘hot as HELL’  when I’m done, that I promise you.

I had enough, being overweight, or let me call it as it is, FAT, is so depressing!!!

To have to go to a shop, you know your size but you still need to fit it to make sure it covers up all the rolls… I mean, really?? Who wants to live like that? Not me, not anymore, I am DONE looking at myself thinking, “jugh, is that really me”.

I will fight this fight, I will get through it and I will be happy to look at myself and say, “damn you hot”.

If you feel the same way, lets do it together, we will not allow our insecurities to ruin what we CAN be.. We will wake up, put on our old tights thats been lying there in the cupboard for years looking at us and do a few squats, do a few sit ups. I am sure our butts will be happy to feel some works being done to them.

Day by day, I will be fighting the fat, the cravings. I am going to WAR this year and I need an army….. Lets do this!!!


4 thoughts on “Why I am starting this journey- I had ENOUGH!!”

  1. Whoo-hoo!
    Like the saying goes, “sweat is fat crying”

    You can do this. Just remember your “why”
    *you want to be healthy
    *you want to live a long life
    *healthy is wealthy

    Let’s do it. I’m in. Xxxxxx

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