Planning my future❤

This blog is about changing my thoughts, changing my habits and ultimately changing my life. A very important part of my journey is learning to plan better. 

Planning ahead – I believe thats a very important factor for getting your head in the game. If you planned to do something, when you get there your mind is set on what needs to be done, I mean, you had a few days to prepare yourself for the task so it should be easier? Thats what I believe!! We will see if it is the case when the alarm wakes me up on the 15th saying “GET UP, you must exercise” 

All of this is new to me too..

I’ve always wanted to loose weight, but I could never get my head in the right space. I used to say, “NOW is the time, today is the day, but maaaybe I should start tomorrow” – No, no, no!! I realized very fast that my plan to loose weight is failing.

This time I am taking on this challenge differently, I am not going on a diet, I am changing my lifestyle!! I am planning ahead, I am going to make beter choices, exercise harder. 

Change never comes easy, it is how YOU decide to take on that challenge of change that makes the difference.

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