What a shocker!

So today I downloaded this ‘Pilates at home’ app, to work on my strength and posture. The options are

 – 5 minute workout or

– 10 minute workout

Im in my 20’s, I thought, “well I can’t be THAT unfit, let me do the 10 minute one”

I was so shocked and so disappointed in myself when I almost couldn’t finish that workout! I was so exhausted I couldn’t believe it.

After the work out I stretched and was almost in tears, thinking, “This is to what level I allowed my body to weaken, that I can’t even finished a 10 minute workout!!!”

It’s bad, it is really bad.. No ones body is supposed to be so weak, it is not good for your health, for your self-esteem, I can’t think of any reason it CAN be a good thing! 

Right here and now, I have decided and I made a promise to myself that I will fix this, I owe it to my body!! And I will never allow myself to be in this position again.

I will work hard, even if it is, doing that 10 minute workout for a month until I can do it without a sweat and then going to the next workout. I will do it. 

My mind is set on the ultimate goal,  to be fit and healthy and I know my body will follow.

Today I am disappointed, but it will not get me down. Disappointed is an opportunity for something great to happen in your life if you don’t let it go to your head.

I can also tell you, it won’t be the last time I will be disappointed on this journey – When I started this journey I knew that it won’t be easy but I promised myself I will get through all the disappointment and tears and I WILL get to the other side much stronger and so much happier!!

I haven’t given up yet, this setback isn’t nearly as big as the comeback I am going to make…

I can do this, and so can you!!

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