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The power of pilates💪

I downloaded this Pilates app the other day and it WORKS!!!

I feel good, I’m sore the next day – which to me is a wonderful thing!!!

I love to feel something working, a woman said to me the other day I must take it slow because if I’m sore the next day I’ll be demotovated… No, no, no!! Thats not the case, I LOVE IT!!!

I am no expert and I don’t know a lot but I am sure If its sore the next day you must’ve done something right.

Anyway, I read the objective of Pilates on this app and I would like to share it with you – 


The main differences Pilates from other systems and workouts:

The combined effects of all the muscle groups.

Each exercise of the basic course of Pilates develops all muscle groups from the basic to the last: it does not isolate one muscle group and do not neglect the others.

Work with deep, slow muscle,

supporting skeleton and internal organs, strength training inside. It will not increase muscle mass or to the cubes on the abdomen, but will strengthen the body from the inside, become more flexible, Slimmer and avoid many of the diseases in the future.


The classes Pilates can even grow a little, because One of the main slopes of all exercises – stretching muscles that gives it elasticity, tone and helps to restore the natural grace and freedom of movement.

Quality is more important than exercise number.

Very often one-sided methods suffer, leading to back pain, neck and lower back. This is because such techniques are developing prepared muscles leaving a small inactive. In Pilates, no exercise does not lead to muscle imbalance.

Reduction to almost zero possibility of injuries.

Pilates – one of the safest modes of training. Pilates exercises have a very mild effect on the body, at the same time training him. That is why Pilates is almost no age restrictions.

Effectiveness of Pilates for women

is available: Work with problem areas (pulled stomach fat is removed from thighs and buttocks) strengthen the pelvic muscles, the strength of which is required for delivery, and postpartum recovery. Women are also useful in the position to deal with.

Pilates Classes in the system.

  • focused on the improvement of the spine.
  • There are exercises for rehabilitation at various pains in the spine.
  • tone up your muscles,
  • develop balance,
  • improve the body, giving the muscles more elongated shape,
  • help to cope with back pain,
  • develop respiratory system,
  • help to develop positive thinking in dealing with stress,
  • by the original respiration occurs massage the internal organs.
  • Exercises are designed with an emphasis on the development of muscle strength, particularly in strengthening the muscles abdominal and back, improvement of flexibility and mobility in the joints.
  • Pilates – it’s self-control, health, grace and energy of the trained body!

A quote I would like to end this post with:

From small beginnings comes great endings”

Get the app today…


2 thoughts on “The power of pilates💪”

  1. Really informative post, learned a few things!

    Going to have to check out that app, thanks for sharing : )

    I thrifted a book on Pilates a few years back, and it talked about how Joseph Pilates developed the system during World War II at a hospital that had a high percentage of illness and death, and when he started implementing the Pilates method, the numbers were greatly reduced.

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