The start of a new “ME”

Today is the start of my journey, the 15th. On my moms birthday (Happy Birthday mom)

Why did I choose this date?

It feels like its a DECISION to succeed!! If I started on the first it would’ve been a new years resolution, and we all know what happens to those….by the 15th it’s long gone!! I guess it’s once again a all in the mind thing, but if it works for my mind I’m happy.

I decided if I’m going to do this I need to it properly so I took before photos… Almost in tears when I saw them, I doubted if I really want to post them, but I said in the beginning, “this journey won’t be easy”, so I need to face the difficult moments aswell, get through it and prove to myself that I CAN do this!!!

So there we go, my before photos…

I am quite tall, I am 1.8m’s.

I need to weigh 75kg’s, because I’ve got medium bone structure.

I currently weigh 112kg’s, so I need to loose quite a bit. I gave myself a year, which I think is enough time to reach my goal weight which is 75kg.

So as of today I am doing it, I am fighting for my body to get back to where it is suppose to be!!! 

I will,

  •  Drink my 8 glasses of water a day, no gas coldrinks
  • No bread
  • Eat enough fruits
  • Look at my portion sizes
  • Cut out the Aromat ( I am addicted to Aromat, but NO more)
  • Cook my food healthy
  • Eat no sweeties, no chippies
  • Make healthy choices
  • Exercise twice a day, even if one exercise a day is just stretches or pilates, I will do something active twice a day
  • Sit less, move more
  • Stay happy and motivated

I am happy to share these horrific photos with you because I know I am still beautiful and I know I am sharing it because I won’t be looking like that in a years time.

Loosing weight is never easy but it is DEFINITELY worth it!!!”

We can do this together, I need all the support I can get, It’s NOT easy to admit that you are not happy with yourself but you need to do it if you want to change!!

I did my exercise this morning, my Pilates workout, I feel good and motivated.

 This afternoon I will do some skipping, squats and leg exercises, I will actually make a video and post it so that we can see my progress from day one.

This journey won’t be easy, but I will get to the other side much stronger and definitely much fitter!! December this year I am going into the Guess shop and I will be buying one of each jeans they’ve got!!! (They don’t have my size now) – that will be my reward, really!! My boyfriend said so, he is taking me shopping!!

It’s something to look forward to, when doing something for yourself you must always have a goal and if that goal is reached you need to have a reward to look forward to, thats my reward… Shopping at the GUESS shop!! Oelala I can’t wait!!!

Let’s do this!!! Lets get the bodies we’ve always wanted!!

13 thoughts on “The start of a new “ME””

  1. A friend of mine once told me she went by the phrase “I’m getting rid of weight, not loosing it! Because if you loose something you eventually find it again.” That seemed to work for her.
    For me the ‘new year’ thing never worked out as January is a very stressful month and I’m much more likely to fall off the bandwagon at this time of year. So I’m starting slow with meal planning (again) and light exercise before stepping it up after the gym gets a bit quieter in February. Good luck with your quest!

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  2. It’s never easy starting something like this. Best of luck on this new journey and I look forward to seeing your progress. I am in a similar journey to get rid of excess weight and be healthier so we can keep each other motivated.

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  3. You’ve got a great plan and a spectacular mindset!! Success will follow!

    I think cutting out the bread (and reducing any processed wheat) is one of the best things that can be done (while not cutting out whole grain, healthy complex carbs at the same time).

    The goal of keeping moving might be one of the best too; I read a poster on a wall where I play basketball SUndays at a elementary school, and it reads,” Fitness, move it you’ll get it.” So true.

    Really pumped for you, rooting you on!!

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  4. Hi and great to see your blog and you saw mine. Some of my posts on food and biking (which applies to other exercises in some cases) will be helpful to you. You will get lots of advice so listen to your body. I would say go gradually. I did a vegan juice fast and diet and got anemia. Saying no bread makes you want it. How about reduce it, and later maybe let it go for a week and see then? Most def agree with Shape Shifters Fitness Trainer whole grains. Apple and peanut butter. Rice cakes and puffed kamut and popcorn are all whole grain. Apple cider vinegar and daily walks and psyllium fiber have helped me.drop 10 pounds. Most important point: be fit and don’t worry about the fat. See my newspaper profile in my Jan 1 blog. I biked 10,000 miles in 2 years. Still a fathlete. But very fit. Also, 87 pounds in a year seems too much. I’d give yourself 18-24 months. Also see Focus on the PROCESS, not the goal. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment, I think it depends on person to person. Saying No bread don’t make me want it. I Stopped eating bread and have no desire to eat it. I do believe its all in the mind. And my mind is strong. I also don’t want to be fat and fit… I want to be thin and fit but thank you for your input, maybe the way you do it works for you although I don’t think eating less of something will work for me, if its bad I dont want it at all + I am not planning on being a fathlete, would like to consider myself an athlete after all this 🙂

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      1. Sure, you’re welcome. Just saying that if biking 10,000 miles didn’t make me thin, in my case, I had to radically change my diet. Yes, everyone is different. But what’s more important? Health or appearance? I know for me it’s health every time. Example, weight kiss causes saggy skin. I’m not saying don’t try for both. In my experience, it is not as easy, as you say, it will be hard. And hopefully you can have both.


      2. If you do the right excersice you wont have saggy skin. If you do the right diet and exercise properly you will loose weight. I see no point to excersie hard and still stay fat. I know its not easy but if you work hard and CUT out bad habbits (like bread) you will see results. Im sure of that.

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