It’s not always easy…

Day 3 of my journey…

Today has been a very difficult day, I started on Monday, exercising twice a day and eating healthy.

My body is busy adjusting to the changes I have been making, but it’s not an easy process. 

I said this journey will be completely honest – I am honest if I say, today was a very emotional and hard day.

I am tired, sore, always hungry and I even feel fatter. So I actually went on google to see what is wrong with me.. (I do that all the time) and I read that it is quite normal to feel like this in the beginning of your weightloss process. It is a big change for your body to go from Mc Donalds to Salad and it will take time. 

Now, in the past this is where I gave up, when I feel emotional and I feel fatter than ever, I buy a chocolate..

Thats my past, today I am very proud to say, I cried a few times today, my body was sore and I had cravings for all kinds of funny things – I put my gym clothes on and did a proper workout!!! This to me is a big big step in showing myself that this time I will not fail.

It’s fine to be emotional sometimes, I don’t think people realise what a huge emotional journey it is to loose weight. 

If you know someone thats trying, Pleeeease motivate them, be there for them, I promise you they need it!

I am very lucky to have a boyfriend thats so helpful, and is there to wipe away all my MANY tears..(haha), he exercises with me, he even cooks for me (he knows all the tricks to cooking food the healthy way)

I am very greatful and I do believe we all need someone to support us.

Every time I feel bad or demotivated I remind myself WHY I want to loose weight. I want to look good and feel healthy!! 

7 thoughts on “It’s not always easy…”

  1. Good for you!!!!!! This is the toughest part where you are right now. I know a good crying session when life gets really tough has always been very cleansing for me too-and that’s what’s happening right now, a cleansing process, which the body will fight and attempt to go back into the comfort zone, but you’re pulling a Chef Ramsay and telling those nagging desires for comfort food, and old habits to “piss off!” and I couldn’t applaud you more!!!!

    What your experiencing with the soreness is likely DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Remember to give yourself time to rest, (every other day for a resistance training workout is ideal,) and no need to do “two a days.” It’s best to have one condensed workout with resistance training, because once you’ve stopped after say your morning workout, your muscles haven been broken down, and are starting to rebuild, and if you workout later that day, it’s stalling the process of rebuilding the muscle repair. Best to go for a long walk instead of another workout.

    Nothing great happens in a short period of time anyway, you’re putting in the work that may not be realized immediately in the short term, but once you look back after a few months you’ll see just how far you’ve come! You’re GREAT!!

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    1. Thank you..
      I do cardio in the morning and then I do my Pilates exercise in the afternoon, I first want to work on getting my body strong ( I can’t even do a push up!!) They say Pilates is good for body strenght?? I don’t know if its the right way, I just feel like I first want to get my body ready, strenght wise…and loose some weight with the cardio? There is so many things they say about working out that I don’t know which to follow…so I’m just doing what I feel will work for me..I hope it’s right…

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      1. Oh, that’s a perfect routine, good thinking! Pilates is definitely good for strength, particularly core strength, flexibility and balance. Definitely add some concentrated resistance training into your routine; the best exercises are push ups, pull ups (pull up’s can be modified,)look up inverted rows, or “Aussie Pull ups, and also squats, lunges and step ups for lower body, planks are great for core strength too. You can modify the push ups by doing them on a couch or other stable surface, just make sure your body is straight from head to toe while doing them, and your arm at 8 and 4, (think of your head as noon).

        You definitely want to do the resistance training 3 days a week ideally, with 48 hours rest in between (m, w, f, or tu, thu, sat) for example. Resistance training is actually the best way to burn fat and jump start the metabolism, in conjuction with the other stuff you’re doing, because after you’ve finished a resistance training session, your body will burn calories for up to around 40 hours, because you’ve created small muscle fiber tears, and it burns calories for that repair to happen.


  2. I get the whole feeling fatter thing. The first couple of weeks after I first started working out and doing some weight training I felt so bloated but that’s just your body adjusting and retaining excess water. One morning you’ll wake up and all that water will be gone and you’ll start feeling/looking much better. Keep at it.

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  3. You have control over your mind and body. You can do this. And you will. I have never met a more stubborn girl than you, and that is why you will succeed.

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  4. I have said some of the exact things you have said here. Thank you for helping me see that I am not alone and others feel like I do. I start my journey next week…Good luck on your journey, I wish you well!


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