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Counting Calories

I don’t know how to count calories, I have no knowledge of how to read a nutritions label.

On my last post, commented and helped me a hell of a lot – is the answer to the problem I have. It was advised that I log my food for a few days so I can learn which foods is healthier, how much of what I should be eating.

I downloaded the app today and I’ve been logging my food. It’s surprising to see that foods that you thought you should’nt eat a lot of actually has little calories.

I won’t be counting my calories forever, this is just to get my knowledge up to scratch to be able to read a nutritions label when I get to the shop and actually understand what it says on it.

I am very greatful for all the help I am getting from all over. I am just a normal girl with no special knowledge of foods and diets, trying to come out on the other side a better person.

I started this blog 3 weeks ago and what I have learnt in this little amount of time is amazing.

It gives me hope that by December 2018 I will reach my goal and look and feel better.

This month is my learning month, I want to learn as much as possible for if February 1st hits the calender I am ‘food smart’ and I can just concentrate on the goal thats infront of me.

18 thoughts on “Counting Calories”

  1. You’re my hero!! I’m standing up and rooting from the stands as your make your way consistently towards your goals on your journey!!!!

    Yuppers, no need to do a food log for more than a few days-no need at all to be a calorie counter, scale watcher, etc. it’s all about the big picture and focusing on the positives, and positive habits attained over time, as day to day and even week to week there will be fluctuations!

    You just keep adding good habits to your healthy toolbelt, and are becoming equippped for nothing less than guaranteed success!!!!


  2. MyFitnessPal is a great tool. I used it a while back and found that it makes you aware of what you eat and makes you guilty when to go above, so it motivates you to go burn it off at the gym. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I’ve lost 50 pounds, but put 5 back on in the past two months so want to get rid of them! Now that I know how amazing I feel at my goal weight, which I maintained for over a year, I want to get back there ASAP!! Note to self- no more being without my scale!

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  3. I love MyFitnessPal. Itโ€™s a great tool and you can even add recipes to track your caloric intake and/or macros for whole home cooked meals. It really opened my eyes to how quickly calories add up.


    1. My cousin actually told me the other day that I must google Macros and I found a lot of good info… Thats very helpful. And with all you guys help, I should get through it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I started yesterday with the MyFitnessPal and I was shocked how quickly calories add up..

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  4. I’ve used Myfitnesspal for just over a year. I really like it. Not long ago I realized you can scan bar codes from food labels when adding food which makes it even easier. Not long after starting to track intake I also started measuring things instead of eyeballing portions sizes. It really brings to light what a ‘square’ meal looks like. It turns out I was eating almost 1/2 a meal more than I thought I was. Cleaning a measuring cup or buying a cheap scale and using it at least for a short time helped me a lot. Good luck with your knowledge absorption.

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