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Sweat dripping on the floor, my heart beating extra fast – Halo, Dumbellssss

12 February 2018

On this day I started with dumbell exercises.

The first few weeks I just wanted to do some cardio, get my body working before I start with weights and OH MY WORD, am I glad I made that decision!!


I bought 4 kg dumbells, I thought that is fine because I heard, “light weight, lots of reps” – that is how you burn fat. By the 3rd excersice the sweat was literally dripping of my face!! Disgusting right?


Although I really enjoyed working with the dumbells this morning, I am so glad that I did not work with them from the start. I feel so good that I first worked on my strenght without weights.

You know I could not do one push up when I started this? I can do five full push ups now!! It sounds redicilous but I am so proud of that!! It is progress… By March I want to be able to do ten.

Small steps…this is not a sprint, it is a marathon!!

I download this app, an arm workout with dumbells.

You know I do all my workouts from downloaded ‘home workout apps’ and I absolutely love it! I don’t have to wait in queues for equipment at the gym, I don’t have to feel embarrassed because next to me is this big bodybuilder running 80km/h and I am walking… 😀

This is the arm workout I did this morning. Arm Workout

I enjoyed It so much, I am just looking for a nice workout with dumbells thats got different workouts everyday, do you know of any nice free apps?


5 thoughts on “Sweat dripping on the floor, my heart beating extra fast – Halo, Dumbellssss”

  1. Damn!! Awesome work with the dumbbells and on the push-up gains!! You should be extremely proud of that!! To add five is no joke! Think about it this way..You’ve more than quadrupled your strength in push-up’s!

    You can easily do just as good a workout at home, as at a gym, so nothing missed there. Wow! Amazing progress, super inspiring, way to go!!!!

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    1. It sounds so redicilous if you say 5 push ups.. haha but for me it is so good, my arms are so weak. I am enjoying these home workouts, when I downloaded it I thought it wont work but its actually really good. I like it. And I feel comfortable working out at home. And 4kg’s is heavy!!! For me… Oh my word..my arms are soooore

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      1. No, that’s great! Just keep focusing on the improvement, and forget the comparison numbers!

        If you’re doing it right (as it definitely looks to be) any amount of weight becomes heavy, so nice work there! With time, the weight will lessen and the soreness will definitely be reduced. Way to go!!

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