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When times get tough-

What do we do when times get tough?

Here I am not talking about you not getting out with your money this month, I am talking about, when times get tough for YOU!! Your mind is struggling, it is tough to stay positive.

I must be honest, I am struggling, I am battling to see that I am getting better and stronger. I actually went to the doctor to find out if something is wrong with me.

A few weeks ago someone commented on one of my posts saying that sometimes your genes can cause lack in weightloss, some people can be fit but not thin.

I wasn’t bothered at first, then I started thinking about it. I was upset because in my opinion telling someone (that is trying real hard), “maybe you never going to loose weight” is not nice and not motivational at all.
And believe me, it messed with my head. I started thinking that maybe there is something wrong, maybe I can not loose weight. I was defistated.

Went to the doctor, the doctor said, “you are healthy, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you, you are completely capable to loose as much weight as you want to.”

Right there I realized-

People can say things that can either make or break you, it is up to YOU to decide if you will take it to heart or just ignore any negative comments.

I was in a sensitive stage of my journey and I started doubting what I am doing.

I was seeing myself like this picture, a fat person trying and trying but getting no where. I am not there anymore!! I decided to keep out ANY negative ‘google says’, google doesn’t know everything. There is so many opinions out there and ultimately you have to do what works for YOU!!

If you work hard and keep going, you CAN and you WILL see results!!!

When you feel like quiting, this is the time where you should work even harder!!!

Remind yourself every single day WHY you are doing this!!

I want you to watch this video Rise And Shine

Get up every morning, work hard!! Remind yourself what you are working for and NEVER ever EVER give up!! The results will come, you just need to keep going!!

Giving up is NOT an option!!

You might feel negative sometimes, feel like you doing everything you can and you not seeing results, the truth is when you feel like you doing everything you can, you can most likely do more!!!

Your body achieves what your mind believes

The reality is, your body is A LOT stronger than you think!! It is your mind that is the problem.

Never stop believing in yourself

Only you can make the change, only you can reach your goals, no one else!!

Yes, you can listen to advise, but at the end of the day, you are the only one that can decide if it will work for you or not.

Believe in your ability

Many times I thought, I do not know what to do, I do not know a lot about excersice and dieting then I thought by myself. “Why are you lying?” I live in my body, I played sport throughout my school career, had a personal trainer. I KNOW what exercises work for me, I KNOW what food is bad for me. It is up to ME to make the changes and go the extra mile, no one can loose this weight for me, it is up to ME!!

The sad truth is, I take everything personal, if someone says something I immediately think I am not doing well, this person says that, I am not doing it right. What is wrong with me!!!!

I do not believe in myself and I doubt my abilities, that needs to stop! I find that watching motivational videos (that you can find on You Tube) is helping me a hell of a lot to believe in my own abilities and strengths.

You made yourself fat, you can make yourself thin again.

Did anybody tell you what to eat to get fat? NO!!

So my opinion is, if I stop eating what made me fat, I will get thin. Thats truely what I believe.

Never give up hope, keep going everyday, the results will come.

My boyfriend always tells me, words that are so true.

“You did not get fat in one month, it happened over a long period, you can’t expect to loose years of fat and bad habits in one month.”

It takes time, but making changes and by working on it everyday consistently, change will come!!

Never give up on your dreams, your dream body and your goal weight.

8 thoughts on “When times get tough-”

  1. That’s always discouraging to hear someone’s uneducated, negative take on something you’re trying hard to have success at.

    People like that often have a dim outlook on other’s chances of success, because they haven’t put in the effort themselves, so the next best thing they think they can do is be a “negative nancy” and derail the other person’s efforts, (as misery loves company).

    Oftentimes those type of people have a myopic viewpoint on a subject, and project their own insecurites/false knowledge/past failures outward onto others, but that definitely doesn’t make it true! Not in the least bit.

    It reminds me of a pre fight trash talk an opponent engaged in a few years ago; he remarked that his opponent wasn’t as good as his reputation, and went on to boast about ways that he could be beaten. That was his truth; his outlook on the situation.

    The opponent replied nonchalantly “if he says it is so, then it must be true.” The fight came a few weeks later, and the guy who was confidently assuring victory went on to get knocked out into oblivion!

    When you hear negative talk like that, take the approach of that MMA fighter, and knock those negative remarks into oblivion as well, because that’s exactly where they belong!

    Love the turnaround message in this post! Your boyfriends advice is spot on, it’s a journey, and there will be fluctuations, but if you do right 70-80% with diet and exercise, success will definitely follow over time! It is a journey, and there’s going to be peaks and valleys, and the valleys will just make the peaks that much more enjoyable!

    Keep on keeping on and stay strong!

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    1. Thank you so much for the beautiful comment, it is so encouraging!! I never thought it would be this hard to loose weight the RIGHT way. I used to do this stupid starvation diets, jigh..everytime I loose like 10 kg’s and when I eat I pick up double the weight. Now that I am actually doing it the right way, sjoeh… Its not easy hay!! But I will do it. Already looking for ideas, I am going to get a VERY sexy evening dress when my weight has finally melted. Haha!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My absolute pleasure! You’re inspiring and encouraging me too just through these posts so I appreciate that!!

        Yup, you’re doing it exactly the RIGHT way, and that’s not the easy way, but it’s the one that will pay off, and be sustainable in the long run! (Unlike those short term fixes as you wrote).

        That’s a GREAT idea to reward your efforts and have a goal down the line in mind too! Well deserved!

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