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I had a wonderful holiday!!! Being on a weightloss journey and going on holiday is a tricky situation to be in. I was planning on excersing every day and eating healthy. My excersice idea lasted one day and the eating healthy? Well, that went out the door when we got on our flight.

We are only human, we all want to have a bit of fun

I decided that I want to enjoy my holiday, not worry about portion sizes or waking up early to workout. I work hard during the year and wake up early 7 days a week, on my holiday I want to rest, have fun and wake up when my eyes open. Surprisingly, I found that even though we ate whatever we wanted, the amount of food we ate was a lot less than what we would usually eat on holiday. That to me was already a good sign. A sign that I am making progress.

We were active…

Yes, we did a lot of activities. Rowing, peddle boat, walking on the beach- we were busy all the time and THAT is what made the difference!! I did not pick up any weight during my holiday 😀 I am so proud!! I didn’t loose any weight, but I honestly thought I would gain. Nope, did not gain, did not loose. It motivated me to continue working out now that I am back. We are only human, but the fact that, even though I ate unhealthy, I am already making so much progress that the amount of food I am able to eat is a lot less than before and that to me means I am on the path to success What an amazing holiday, I renewed my strenght. My soul is happy. I am a CHAMPION and I will always be a champion because that is how I see myself. I can overcome ANYTHING!! I will endure and I WILL finish strong and proud!!

Family, Happiness, Health, journey, weightloss

You are the only person that can change YOU

Have you ever thought that there might be something that is weighing you down? Something that is keeping you from your dreams?

Every one of us has some sort of a problem, an issue that we have to live with. It can be your self esteem, health, worries, whatever it might be – we all have something that is weighing us down.

Is there anything in this world that is more important than your dreams?

The answer is NO!!

As you know, we are on holiday, we came to visit my parents.

My moms got rheumatoid arthritis, she’s got a lot of pain, does that keep her from walking along the beach, swimming with her children? No it doesn’t!

We went to the beach today and we stopped quite far from where we wanted to swim. My mom walked all the way and we had a blast in the water.

After all this fun I thought long and hard- if someone thats got arthirithis can have the strength and the will power to do the things they dream about (in my moms case, having fun with her children), why is it that some of us that are perfectly healthy always make excuses? Shouldn’t we be SO greatful for our health that we are always up for any challenge?

Today I realised, my mom is stronger than any person I know, she is setting an example to her children of how to carry on despite of your problems and she doesn’t even realise that she is such an inspiration.

To be able to live your life despite your disabilities, problems, worries. That is what I call living life to the fullest!!

Everybody always think climbing Mount Everest is living life to the fullest. Living life to the fullest, in my opinion, is doing the best with what you’ve got! If you have eyes and you see the good in other people, if you have legs and you use them to walk where you want to be, if you have arms and you hold the people you love. THAT to me is living life to the fullest. Some people can’t do those things…

How can you ever be ungreatful when you are so blessed?

My mom can’t do everything we do, but believe me, she sure tries.

I want us all to think of our lives and I want us to realise how greatful we must be to be able to walk, to smell, hear.

If you lost your sight today, what would you do? These are small things we take for granted and we moan about all the things we CAN NOT do, what about the things you CAN do? Doesn’t that make up for the little you can’t?

You become the person you tell yourself to be.

We are perfectly made, each one of us and I am SO proud of my mom, how she decided that she will live her life the way she choose to, this thing won’t get her down!!

What a wonderful mom, what a strong woman.

Her wrists can’t move, does that keep her from feeding her family, holding her children and most importantly, those hands of hers is permanently in the air praising the Lord and praying for her husband and children. Isn’t that living life to the fullest with what she’s got?

My beautiful mom that we love so very much!

I am definitely changing my ways, I moan waaay to much about things that are so small.

I am fighting my fat, I decide how I want to live my life – I decided I want to be healthy, I won’t let anything weigh me down.

I am stronger than my fears.

I am the boss of me and only I can change my life.

We should never give up, when you think you CAN’T, you CAN, not necessarily like someone else, but you CAN!!