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A few hours away from Heaven on Earth…

A few hours from now we are getting on a flight, we are going to the beeeeaaaccchh!!! 😀

I hope you can ‘read’ my excitement?

We have not been on holiday for a while and you all know that the beach is my happy place! I am ooover the moon.

What is happening to my healthy eating?

I am still doing going ahead. Being on holiday doesn’t mean that you have to put your face in a cake now? No ways, I worked to hard!

Yes, absolutely – being at the ocean means FRESH fish and delicious sushi. I am aware of the basics – salad instead of chips, grilled fish instead of fried. Make no mistake, I am definitely going to enjoy my holiday but I will still be making good choices, small changes that will make a big difference to how I usually eat on holiday.

Oh how I looove running on the beach…

I am not a runner at all, it is not something I enjoy but doing it on the beach is something that I will do, with pleasure.

The sound, how relaxing? It makes me feel focused on what I need to do.

The water – nothing like a bit of water to wash of the sweat and carry on. 😉 So, I will also be excersing on our holiday.

I will definitely still post on my blog.

This is a very important part of my journey, to take some time to relax and strenghten my mind for the year ahead.

I’ve got big dreams and I am still not close to where I want to be, BUT … I am closer than yesterday, that is whats important.

Small steps, remember? We will get there.


Health, journey, weightloss

Spending time at your Happy Place…

Sometimes all you need is a little bit Vitamin C….

I heard the other day, people that live by the ocean is naturally happier people than people living inland.

Do I believe that statement?


I grew up living at the beach, being an adult you have to go where you can make a better living. Unfortunately for me, I had to leave my life at the beach and move to the BUSH!! Complete opposites right?

Eversince I started this journey, some days it just feels like I need to go sit on a rock and listen to the waves crashing.

It is Gods therapy for the soul!! Its beautiful, it is free and it WORKS!!!

This is what I want to do after exercising – lie on my back, close my eyes and feel satisfied with what I’ve just done. Feel happy and feel good about myself, because that is how the ocean makes me feel – it makes me feel SO good!

Have you ever felt sad and decided to go sit at the beach??

How your heart all of a sudden just feels calm, like everything is going to be fine.. It is the most amazing feeling ever!!

The best therapy in the world, I am almost 100% sure of that.

Exercising and trying to live a better, healthier life can sometimes be so depressing. I honestly feel bad some days, like it’s such a waste. Then I think, all I need is a soul session with myself on a rock somewhere along the beach…

Although I do not have it now, this is what I do. I know it is weird…

I imagine I am sitting on the beach and I actually downloaded music that sounds like waves crashing. I close my eyes and I go to my happy place – wonderful!!

My point is, if you can not literally be at your happy place, in your mind you can go there.

Setting the scene and completely giving yourself over to the thought of being there for real, you will be surprised how REAL it actually feels.

I go to the beach a LOT in my mind. You probably think I am crazy, but try it.

Therapy for the soul, it makes you relax and it is a wonderful way to renew your strength for whatever lies ahead 😀