The start of a new “ME”

Today is the start of my journey, the 15th. On my moms birthday (Happy Birthday mom)

Why did I choose this date?

It feels like its a DECISION to succeed!! If I started on the first it would’ve been a new years resolution, and we all know what happens to those….by the 15th it’s long gone!! I guess it’s once again a all in the mind thing, but if it works for my mind I’m happy.

I decided if I’m going to do this I need to it properly so I took before photos… Almost in tears when I saw them, I doubted if I really want to post them, but I said in the beginning, “this journey won’t be easy”, so I need to face the difficult moments aswell, get through it and prove to myself that I CAN do this!!!

So there we go, my before photos…

I am quite tall, I am 1.8m’s.

I need to weigh 75kg’s, because I’ve got medium bone structure.

I currently weigh 112kg’s, so I need to loose quite a bit. I gave myself a year, which I think is enough time to reach my goal weight which is 75kg.

So as of today I am doing it, I am fighting for my body to get back to where it is suppose to be!!! 

I will,

  •  Drink my 8 glasses of water a day, no gas coldrinks
  • No bread
  • Eat enough fruits
  • Look at my portion sizes
  • Cut out the Aromat ( I am addicted to Aromat, but NO more)
  • Cook my food healthy
  • Eat no sweeties, no chippies
  • Make healthy choices
  • Exercise twice a day, even if one exercise a day is just stretches or pilates, I will do something active twice a day
  • Sit less, move more
  • Stay happy and motivated

I am happy to share these horrific photos with you because I know I am still beautiful and I know I am sharing it because I won’t be looking like that in a years time.

Loosing weight is never easy but it is DEFINITELY worth it!!!”

We can do this together, I need all the support I can get, It’s NOT easy to admit that you are not happy with yourself but you need to do it if you want to change!!

I did my exercise this morning, my Pilates workout, I feel good and motivated.

 This afternoon I will do some skipping, squats and leg exercises, I will actually make a video and post it so that we can see my progress from day one.

This journey won’t be easy, but I will get to the other side much stronger and definitely much fitter!! December this year I am going into the Guess shop and I will be buying one of each jeans they’ve got!!! (They don’t have my size now) – that will be my reward, really!! My boyfriend said so, he is taking me shopping!!

It’s something to look forward to, when doing something for yourself you must always have a goal and if that goal is reached you need to have a reward to look forward to, thats my reward… Shopping at the GUESS shop!! Oelala I can’t wait!!!

Let’s do this!!! Lets get the bodies we’ve always wanted!!