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The only opinion that should matter is the person you see when you are looking in the mirror…

I know my blog is about my weightloss journey. I looked up the definition of the word journey;

a long and often difficult process of personal change and development.

I realised it is so much more than just a weightloss journey. For me to live a happy and healthy life I need to work on all areas of my life.

This is something I need to work on to be able to achieve the ultimate goal which is to be happy and healthy.

Why do I struggle to avoid people’s harsh opinions?

Something you need to know about me is – I am a very soft person with a very strong will.

At this point of my life, those two do not go together very well.

Being a person with a strong will, that wants to succeed, it requires being around people that always tries to get you down. (No one wants someone to be better than them) It sucks!! I never realised that ‘the big world out there’ can be full of such disgusting people. Boy OH boy, did I realise this fact quicker than I would have hoped to?

On the other hand, my soft side – I always try to be nice. I try to help where I can. I cry very quickly and I feel I am to young to lift my opinion or, ‘be rude’ back to whomever it might be carrying on at me because they are older than me.

“Respect your elders” my mother taught us. Now I would’ve loooved to say “bullshit! They started this fight!!” Unfortunately, I am not that person.

For some pathetic reason, what people say and how they treat me effects me in a huge way!! I seem to always take it personally, like they saying it because something is wrong with me. I am doing something that they don’t like?

How rediculous right? Why does their opinion matter to me?

I read this amazing article that touched my heart, How to stop letting others opinions guide your life

What an insightful post. I read the whole article but this part made me realise that people’s opinion doesn’t matter, it is who YOU believe you are and what YOU believe you can achieve that matters.

Because other people don’t live your life, you can only live it for yourself. And for that, you must stop listening to others’ inflated belief systems.

For a while after entering the ‘big world’ I thought that having the combination of emotions and will power is a bad thing, I honestly still had that thought 10 minutes ago. Then I read that article.

The sad truth is, people will always try to get to you. Nobody wants anybody to go ahead in life but themselves. It is how you handle criticism that will make the difference.

How I used to handle it, I start crying because I don’t understand why they are so rude – WRONG way!!

They are rude because they see my ability, what I can achieve and they are trying to use my GIFT against me, my soft nature.

Yes, I see it as a gift. It is a gift to be able to look at someone and see deeper than just the person, to be able to put yourself in their shoes and realise they maybe had lots of pain in their past. To be a friend to someone and trying to be there for people. That is a gift.

People will no longer use my gift against me. My future husband always tells me “take it from who it comes.” Really, who are these people to me? For me to allow their opinion to hurt and effect my life, my success?

I will use my gift against them Yes, thats right! I will kill them with kindness. How embarrassed will those people be if they see this girl smiling at them and carrying on with her life as if they weren’t talking at all? They will see that their opinion means nothing to me and they will realise that they have LOST!! They are not getting to me anymore.

I am an emotional person, nothing wrong with that. What I need to realise is;

“What other people think of me is none of my business.” ~Wayne Dyer

And THAT quote right there, it will change my future. What are those people in my life? Nothing!! What they think of me, it is none of my business! 😀

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You are the only person that can change YOU

Have you ever thought that there might be something that is weighing you down? Something that is keeping you from your dreams?

Every one of us has some sort of a problem, an issue that we have to live with. It can be your self esteem, health, worries, whatever it might be – we all have something that is weighing us down.

Is there anything in this world that is more important than your dreams?

The answer is NO!!

As you know, we are on holiday, we came to visit my parents.

My moms got rheumatoid arthritis, she’s got a lot of pain, does that keep her from walking along the beach, swimming with her children? No it doesn’t!

We went to the beach today and we stopped quite far from where we wanted to swim. My mom walked all the way and we had a blast in the water.

After all this fun I thought long and hard- if someone thats got arthirithis can have the strength and the will power to do the things they dream about (in my moms case, having fun with her children), why is it that some of us that are perfectly healthy always make excuses? Shouldn’t we be SO greatful for our health that we are always up for any challenge?

Today I realised, my mom is stronger than any person I know, she is setting an example to her children of how to carry on despite of your problems and she doesn’t even realise that she is such an inspiration.

To be able to live your life despite your disabilities, problems, worries. That is what I call living life to the fullest!!

Everybody always think climbing Mount Everest is living life to the fullest. Living life to the fullest, in my opinion, is doing the best with what you’ve got! If you have eyes and you see the good in other people, if you have legs and you use them to walk where you want to be, if you have arms and you hold the people you love. THAT to me is living life to the fullest. Some people can’t do those things…

How can you ever be ungreatful when you are so blessed?

My mom can’t do everything we do, but believe me, she sure tries.

I want us all to think of our lives and I want us to realise how greatful we must be to be able to walk, to smell, hear.

If you lost your sight today, what would you do? These are small things we take for granted and we moan about all the things we CAN NOT do, what about the things you CAN do? Doesn’t that make up for the little you can’t?

You become the person you tell yourself to be.

We are perfectly made, each one of us and I am SO proud of my mom, how she decided that she will live her life the way she choose to, this thing won’t get her down!!

What a wonderful mom, what a strong woman.

Her wrists can’t move, does that keep her from feeding her family, holding her children and most importantly, those hands of hers is permanently in the air praising the Lord and praying for her husband and children. Isn’t that living life to the fullest with what she’s got?

My beautiful mom that we love so very much!

I am definitely changing my ways, I moan waaay to much about things that are so small.

I am fighting my fat, I decide how I want to live my life – I decided I want to be healthy, I won’t let anything weigh me down.

I am stronger than my fears.

I am the boss of me and only I can change my life.

We should never give up, when you think you CAN’T, you CAN, not necessarily like someone else, but you CAN!!

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Living to the power of “P”

Today I realised how important it is to live your life with Positivity.

Definition of positive thinking:

Positive thinking is a mental attitude in wich you expect good and favorable results. In other words, positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality. A positive mind waits for happiness, health and a happy ending in any situation.

I have a short story to tell –

We listen to the radio every morning before getting ready for work. So this morning there was a competition (you send your name, they will phone you and you must say a certain phrase when answering the phone.)

Now also you must understand it is a very popular station so there are 1000’s entering their competitions. I obviously entered because I love winning, it is so cool.

I sent the message and I was 100% sure they would phone so I wrote down the phrase I must say when answering, everything- I was ready to win. My boyfriend said, ‘they won’t phone man, why you writing it down?’ I replied, ‘I am preparing my fields.’

A few minutes later my phone rang and it was them, I said the phrase and I won R4000.

This made me realise, being positive, preparing yourself for success is SO important!!

Do you know that if you prepare yourself for success the chances are, you WILL be successful!!

The brain is a wonderful thing but it can be very dangerous!!

Lets look at our thoughts…

If you repeatedly say “I cannot do this!!”

What is going to happen? You will NOT be able to do it!!

Your brain is so strong, but unfortunately he cannot ‘work’ on his own, he will become what his ‘owner’ is.

Now you must ask yourself the question, ‘what type of owner are you?’

Do you speak positive words?

Do you work hard?

Do you believe in yourself?


Are you always complaining, being negative?

Are you always looking for excuses as for why you cannot do something?

Do you give up before even trying?

This is very important, what type of owner are you??

Your brain will only be as strong as you allow him to be.

The brain can be a very strong tool, but it is up to YOU to activate his strengths.

How to be a good owner to your brain:

  1. Firstly, you need to realise – it is up to you!! It is no one else’s job to live your life. You are responsible for the life you live.
  2. Be positive – if YOU are positive, you will get positive results because your brain will be focused on only positive things.
  3. Let no person get you down – You are special, nothing that anyone else says should matter, don’t allow any negative comments in your life.
  4. Work hard – train your brain to go the extra mile, to work just a little bit harder everytime.
  5. Set goals – set a goal and tell yourself that you will NOT stop untill the day you kicked that goal under the butt.
  6. Tell yourself you are beautiful – every morning you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘morning gorgeous.’ Why?? Even if you do not think you are gorgeous, by repeating it everyday, believe me, you will start believing that you are!! And you are, you should believe it 🙂

Being positive will do so much for you. You will live a better life, you will achieve more, you will be much happier and most importantly – You will wake up with a fire in your heart believing that you CAN do everything you put your mind to!!

Your success, what you become in life, your happiness, your health, your dreams, your salary, your weight – it is all up to you!!

No one can force you to be a happier, stronger person.

Just remember this quote:

“The decisions you make today will be the person you are tomorrow.”

Why would you want to be a negative, unhappy, unsuccessful person out of your own will??

If you want something, WORK FOR IT!! Nothing gets given to you on a silver plate.

If you feel negative, think about positive things that makes you happy!!

You are the owner of your brain, of your life, only you can make the decision to change things, either for the better or, unfortunately some people decide to change for the worse.

I ask again, what type of owner will you be from today onwards?

You are stronger than you think, you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to!!

Prepare your fields, for when the day comes and it starts raining you are ready.

Do not live a life where one day you look back and wish you had been more positive, stronger, happier… There is never a better moment than RIGHT NOW, if you want to be happier, make the decision to start being positive.

🙂 xx